Another Successful Legislative Session for Doug Miller

Representative Doug Miller and his Republican colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives delivered one conservative victory after another in the 84th Legislature by cutting taxes, improving education, funding transportation, making the border region safer, protecting life and defending Second Amendment rights. They accomplished all of this while passing a state budget that limits its increase by less than 2 percent per year. House Bill 1 grows less than population and inflation, it stays beneath the constitutional spending cap and it leaves more than $11 billion in the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

“Since taking the Oath of Office in 2009 and certainly again in the 2015 Legislative Session, I have been proud to be part of a conservative team that has passed fiscally responsible budgets. Despite budget shortfall challenges and the efforts of those who prefer to ‘throw money at problems,’ we find ways to wisely appropriate the money that is available and rein in spending in the same way that hard working Texans do. That is what it means to be conservative,” said Rep. Miller.

Rep. Miller took on a new role this session as the Chairman of the Committee on Special Purpose Districts. This committee reviews and makes recommendations for improving public accountability and transparency in the governance and operation of special purpose districts. The committee is especially focused on water-related districts and studies the effects that multiple and overlapping special purpose districts have on taxpayers. In addition to his Chairmanship, he also serves on the Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee, which oversees businesses, industries, general trades, and occupations regulated by the state. Both of these committees have a strong impact on legislation at the Capitol.

Rep. Miller had many accomplishments this session, but he is most proud of authoring and passing House Bill 1492. This bill brings greater transparency to asbestos and silica litigation in Texas and will help ensure that damages are fairly divided among all wrongdoers. HB 1492 also seeks to protect solvent businesses against double-dipping and to ensure that resources including trust fund balances, are available for future victims of asbestos-related injuries.

“House Bill 1492 was significant this session because it is a Tort Reform bill that has such a broad impact on businesses in Texas and sends a signal to the rest of the United States that something must be done,” reflected Rep. Miller.

Rep. Miller grew up in a family with a history of serving their communities and he continues the tradition. This year marks his 25th year in public office, with 7 of those years as a member of the Texas House. Prior to being elected to the Texas House, he served as a City Councilman and Mayor of the City of New Braunfels, and was appointed as Chairman of the Board of the Edwards Aquifer Authority, representing Comal and Guadalupe counties. It is clear that Rep. Miller has a heart for service, and is dedicated to representing his district and serving his 172,000 constituents.

“I have found that very few people who serve in office are there for personal gain, we do this because we have a heart for service and we care about Texas. I am honored that my community has trusted me with representing them. With 26 million Texans, we have a huge responsibility and I don’t take it lightly,” said Rep. Miller.

In addition to his responsibilities as a State Representative, he is also the President of Miller & Miller Insurance Agency, a husband, a father, and a grandfather. He enjoys any opportunities to be with his family and being outdoors. Doug and Anne like spending time in the district where they can take part in all of the things there are to do, in the Texas Hill Country.