Clarification on the TEC Appointment Process

(Austin, Texas) The Texas House Republican Caucus wanted to provide some clarifying guidance in regards to the Texas Ethics Commission, and appointments that are made by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Lieutenant Governor. Statutorily, the Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor are each required to appoint a Republican and a Democrat to the Texas Ethics Commission.

If a vacancy is to occur, that Commissioner must be replaced by an appointment from their same party. Since retiring Democrat Commissioner Paul Hobby has officially submitted his resignation, the Speaker must therefore select another Democrat to take his place. As of today, the House Republican Caucus has been reassured by Speaker Joe Straus that an appointment has not been made and that the vetting of potential candidates will begin after Democrat Members of the Texas House of Representatives have submitted all of their recommendations to the Speaker.

As a Caucus, we have great confidence that Speaker Straus will select the best possible Democrat to serve on the Texas Ethics Commission.