House Passes Public School Finance Legislation

(Austin, Texas) The Texas House of Representatives voted Wednesday to pass House Bill 21, a major school finance proposal. The bill increases state funding for public education by $1.6 billion over the next two years, reduces Robin Hood by almost $400 million and makes necessary structural changes to the state’s school finance system.

"HB 21 is the first step in reforming public education funding in Texas. The plan simplifies and improves the system, while simultaneously providing additional resources for schools in a more efficient method," Chairman Dan Huberty stated. 

When the Supreme Court ruled last year that our school finance system was constitutional but deeply flawed, we vowed in the House to continue working to make the system better for students and taxpayers. House Bill 21 puts additional per-student resources into more than 95 percent of school districts, it modernizes key aspects of our school finance system, and it begins to reduce our over-reliance on local property taxes. This legislation will keep more local dollars in local schools while improving education across the state. 

“Chairman Dan Huberty and our Public Education Committee have done very good work on this bill, which moves us toward overhauling our school finance system,” said Texas House Republican Caucus Chairman Tan Parker. “I look forward to continuing to work on improving education in Texas for all our children.”

The Texas House Republican Caucus is comprised of all Republican Members serving in the Texas House of Representatives.  The purpose of the Caucus is to provide research, education, policy development and other support to the Caucus Members and their staff. The Texas House Republican Caucus works to promote limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal liberty to continue cultivating economic growth for all Texans.