Republican Members in the Texas House Continue to Champion Favorable Pro-Life Legislation

(Austin, Texas) This week, Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives passed three crucial pieces of pro-life legislation before the deadline to hear bills on Second Reading on the House floor. House Bill 3994, House Bill 3374, and House Bill 3074 all passed with strong support from Republican House Members.

Geanie Morrison (R-Victoria) authored two of the pro-life bills that passed in the House this week. The first of these, HB 3994, seeks to improve the protection of minors by addressing necessary reforms to the judicial bypass system that promote a culture of life.

“Conservative leaders in the Texas House made significant strides in the effort to protect all stages of life. With the passage of HB 3994 and HB 3374, a clear message was sent that the sanctity of life is of the utmost importance,” said Representative Morrison.

HB 3374, also authored by Representative Morrison, increases the information and resources available to expectant parents following a likely prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis, or a Down syndrome diagnosis at birth.

"Children bring countless blessings into our lives, and we need to ensure parents have access to all the information necessary to help give their children the most fulfilling lives possible. This is an issue very near and dear to my heart. My Aunt Phyllis was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and she has brought an overwhelming amount of joy to my family over the course of her lifetime. I am happy to work with Chairwoman Morrison and the House Republican Caucus to accomplish this goal,” said Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa), joint author of HB 3374.

House Republicans also addressed flaws in the current statute that governs end-of-life care by passing HB 3074, authored by Drew Springer (R-Muenster). HB 3074 reforms the current statute to improve patient care and ensure that vulnerable patients are not denied the basic human care of food, water, and pain management.

"It is a great day for patients and families in the fight for life. With the passage of HB 3074 the issue of withholding food and water against their wishes will be nearly eliminated. The decade long fight, which has been a top priority for both Pro-Life groups and religious organizations, is finally over and I would like to personally thank the countless individuals who joined with me to reform the Advanced Directives Act," said Representative Springer.

With the passage of these bills, the Texas House continues a multi-session long streak of leading the nation on pro-life victories.