Strongest Protections for Life

Republicans in the Texas House have ensured the culture of life in Texas has never been stronger.

Pro Life graphic

  • Closed loopholes in the judicial bypass process for minors seeking abortions. During the 2015 legislative session, Republicans in the House passed House Bill 3994, which improved the protection of minors by addressing necessary reforms to the judicial bypass system. HB 3994 allows the judge to ask more substantial, relevant and considerate questions of minor girls seeking abortions. It also extends the date and time by which a court is required to rule on an application and changes the venue requirement for judicial bypass court hearings.
  • Ensured end-of-life patients receive necessary nutrition and hydration. House Bill 3074 reformed the statute governing end-of-life care to ensure that vulnerable patients are not denied the basic human care of food, water and pain management.
  • Increased information and resources available relating to Down syndrome. House Bill 3374 requires the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to produce information regarding Down syndrome, including information addressing physical, developmental, educational, and psychosocial outcomes, life expectancy, clinical course, and intellectual and functional development for individuals with Down syndrome. It also requires medical providers to distribute this information to expectant parents when a prenatal test indicates a probability of a Down syndrome diagnosis.
  • The Texas House Republicans have continuously ensured state taxpayer dollars are not provided to facilities that supply abortion services and have de-funded Planned Parenthood. To ensure Texas women still have access to important women's health services, the House has made it a top priority to increase funding for women's health services at facilities that do not have ties to abortion providers.