Texas House Approves Bill to Supply Peace Officers with Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Today, the Texas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 16 by Representative Lynn Stucky to provide future law enforcement officers with a student loan repayment assistance program.

"Senate Bill 16 will help flip the recent trend of peace officer shortages across the state. It is critical that we are able to attract new young and talented individuals to protect and serve our communities," said Representative Lynn Stucky.

Senate Bill 16 addresses a growing shortage of peace officers across Texas and provides law enforcement agencies with a new recruitment tool. The bill charges the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with operating a student loan repayment assistance program for full-time peace officers who attended a community college or university.

“Our peace officers sacrifice so much by serving in the line of duty. To pay them back for keeping our communities safe and secure, the Texas House has championed a new opportunity for peace officers to receive additional financial support when completing a college degree so we can enlist more officers in the future,” stated Chairman Dustin Burrows.

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