Texas House of Representatives Adopts Rules, Organized and Ready to Begin the Critical Work of the Legislative Session

(Austin, Texas)  Today the Texas House of Representatives adopted the important procedural rules that will govern the proceedings and operations of the lower chamber for the 84th Legislature.  A critical procedural step, the Texas House is now prepared to undertake the people’s business, moving very quickly to organize its operation on just the 3rd day of the legislative session.

In announcing the adoption of the House Rules, Republican Caucus Chairman Tan Parker stated, “The people’s House made the very clear statement that we are here to work and we are not going to waste a single day in honoring our responsibilities to our constituents.  I want to thank all of my colleagues in the Texas House for working together today to craft our governing rules and officially enabling us to move forward with addressing the critical issues facing Texas.”

By adopting the rules of procedure, the Texas House has now established the legislative committees that will exist during the session, the procedure for debating and amending bills on the House floor and other critical functions.  By officially organizing its operations, the Texas House is now able to begin the work on the critical issues that must be addressed this session, including adopting a balanced budget, improving border security, strengthening education, providing tax relief, enhancing our road and water infrastructure and many other issues.

In the weeks leading up to the start of the legislative session, several Rules Working Group Meetings were hosted for members to participate and collaborate on their ideas for how the rules should serve the House membership.  Chairman Parker credited this process for why the Texas House was able to unanimously agree upon the official procedures for the legislative session.