Texas House of Representatives Fights to Eradicate Human Trafficking

(Austin, Texas)  Today, the House of Representatives passed HB 10, a bill aimed at curbing, catching and stopping the criminals committing the crime of human trafficking in the state of Texas. Specifically, HB 10, would among other things, create a Child Sex Trafficking Prevention Unit, require the Texas Education Agency to report trafficking of a child, and make it easier for victims of trafficking to seek compensation from the Crime Auxiliary Fund.

“The Texas House Republican Caucus was proud to support the passage of HB 10. Today some very meaningful steps were taken to eradicate this modern form of slavery,” said Representative Patricia Harless (R-Spring), Joint-Author of HB 10. The bill passed the Texas House today with unanimous Republican support.

The intent of HB 10 is to curb coerced prostitution and sex trafficking within the state of Texas. To achieve that goal this bill would expand the power and authority of the Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force that is under the jurisdiction of the office of the Attorney General. According to data from the Texas Crime Information Center, the number of state charges for trafficking has increased annually over the past five years so this clearly continues to be an ongoing issue in Texas.

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