Texas House of Representatives Passes Legislation To Reform Texas Public School Finance System

(Austin, Texas) – Today, the Texas House of Representatives approved House Bill 3 by House Public Education Committee Chairman Dan Huberty. This comprehensive legislation fundamentally transforms how the state funds the public education system in Texas.

“I am very proud of the Texas House today. For the first time in years, we are implementing major reforms to public education funding in Texas. I am grateful for the support from Speaker Dennis Bonnen and all the members of the House as we move one step closer to implementing these transformational reforms for Texas students, teachers and parents. The time is now for the Texas Plan!” said Representative Dan Huberty.

House Bill 3 (also referred to as the "Texas Plan") invests $9 billion, well above enrollment growth and current law entitlement, towards student achievement, teacher quality and property tax relief. The bill makes school funding formulas more efficient and equitable by reorganizing public school funding and prioritizing resources toward students with the highest needs.

“With the passage of House Bill 3, our school finance system in Texas will be modernized, simplified, and more efficient so that we can invest the best resources in our classrooms,” stated Chairman Dustin Burrows. “I applaud Chairman Huberty and the members of the Public Education Committee for dedicating themselves to making meaningful improvements in the lives of those our public education system serves.”

The top priorities for the Texas Legislature this session, House Bills 1, 2, and 3 work in tandem to reform school finance, provide property tax relief, and deliver property tax reform. Through House Bill 3 and House Bill 1, $3 billion has been dedicated to property tax relief and school district property taxes are lowered by an average of 5.5% statewide.

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