Texas House Republican Caucus Announces Policy Committee for the 86th Legislative Session

Today, the Texas House Republican Caucus is pleased to announce that Representative Scott Sanford has been selected to serve as Chairman of the Policy Committee and Representative Andrew Murr has been chosen to serve as Vice-Chair. Members elected the following legislators to serve on the Policy Committee from the six geographical regions of the state:

Representative Justin Holland
Representative Jared Patterson
Representative Jay Dean
Representative Ernest Bailes
Representative Dennis Paul
Representative Tom Oliverson
Representative Ben Leman
Representative Andrew Murr
Representative Mike Lang
Representative Stan Lambert
Representative Cody Harris
Representative Steve Allison

The final three at-large appointments to the Policy Committee were awarded to Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson, Representative Mayes Middleton, and Representative Candy Noble.

“With many critical issues facing Texans, I am grateful to each of the Policy Committee members for stepping up to complete the tireless work of providing legislative recommendations to our membership that promote conservative values in Texas,” said Caucus Chairman Dustin Burrows. 

Together, these sixteen members of the Texas House Republican Caucus will make sound policy recommendations throughout the session to assist the membership on the House floor as they cast their votes on the many critical issues that will be addressed by the Legislature.

In accepting his appointment to the Caucus Executive Committee, Policy Chairman Scott Sanford stated, “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to work with the members of the House Republican Caucus, and I am grateful to the Executive Committee for appointing me to serve as the Chair of the Policy Committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide recommendations that will collectively advance and support the principles of the Republican Party that each of us value and stand for. I look forward to the many policy discussions and debates that will take place in order to effectively serve those who we represent.”

The Texas House Republican Caucus is comprised of all Republican Members serving in the Texas House of Representatives. The purpose of the Caucus is to provide research, education, policy development and other support to the Caucus Members and their staff.

The Texas House Republican Caucus works to promote limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal liberty to continue cultivating economic growth for all Texans.