Texas House Republican Caucus Chairman Tan Parker Releases Statement on Misleading Information

Over the past few days, there have been third-party groups engaging in spreading false and misleading information about Republican Members of the Texas House. I would like to set the record straight.

Last week, the House voted on a procedural motion to suspend the House Rules and allow a bill to be heard in committee without the usual five-day posting period. This is a courtesy that legislators from both parties routinely extend to one another. In this specific case, a Republican member presented the motion on behalf of his Committee Chairman to allow a Constitutional Amendment that would increase the minimum wage in Texas to be heard (not voted on) with the enabling companion bill already in committee. Allowing the legislation to be heard in committee did not put it on any type of fast track, nor did it change the likelihood that this legislation would become law. In short, the legislation is no more likely to pass than it was before the vote was taken. 

Let me be very clear, a Constitutional Amendment raising the minimum wage will not pass the Texas House and has failed historically. Any objective observer of the House would tell you the same thing, because the Republican Caucus does not support increasing the minimum wage. Instead, this routine vote is being used as an artificial marker by those who make their living creating divisions among Republicans. 

The focus of the Texas House Republican Caucus is and has always been on passing conservative legislation that builds our economy and creates jobs. We are going to keep doing what we’ve done so successfully, and that’s adhering to pro-business policies that have helped make Texas the 10th largest economy in the world and the top state to do business in the United States of America.