(Austin, Texas) Today, Members of the Texas House Republican Caucus voted unanimously to re-elect the Executive Board of the House Republican Caucus for the 85th Legislative Session. Representative Tan Parker will serve as Chairman, Representative Cindy Burkett as Vice-Chairwoman, Representative John Raney as Secretary and Representative Dan Huberty as Treasurer.

Under the leadership of the Caucus Executive Board during the 84th Legislative Session, the Caucus made critical improvements in many areas, including the Caucus policy committee, messaging and communication, fundraising, and the addition of many new Member resources. 

“I am honored and humbled to have been re-elected as Chairman of the House Republican Caucus. Now that the Caucus is organized and ready, the real work begins. We will play a critical role this session, and I pledge to use my background in business and public service to advance our conservative Republican initiatives during the 85th Legislature,” said Chairman Tan Parker.   

The Executive Committee develops long-range strategies to ensure the success of Republican Members of the House, oversees policy and communication for the Caucus, and works to accomplish the purpose for which the Caucus exists. 

“Together, we have made significant strides. But we cannot become complacent with the status quo,” stated Vice-Chairwoman Cindy Burkett. “Now, more than ever, it is imperative that Republicans speak with a unified voice and communicate not only our successes, but also our daily efforts as we continue to lead.”

The Texas House Republican Caucus Executive Board looks forward to working together with all Caucus Members to promote conservative values and address the issues that we face as Texans.