Texas House Republicans Approve Bill to Protect Freedom of Expression on College Campuses

Today, Texas House Republicans stood up for the rights of students to express themselves on college campuses by passing House Bill 2100 by Representative Briscoe Cain. This legislation will protect an individual’s right to speak and assemble freely on a campus so long as they do not interfere with the same ability of another individual.

"College campuses should be bastions of free speech where reflective thought and constructive debate hone young minds in the market place of ideas. Though the U.S. and Texas Constitutions both expressly affirm the right to speak freely, institutions of higher education have increasingly worked to limit the fundamental liberty of expression. I'm proud that the Texas House of Representatives has taken a strong stand towards safeguarding free speech rights for all students, student organizations, and invited guest speakers," stated Representative Briscoe Cain.

Specifically, House Bill 2100 requires public Texas universities to establish a policy supporting expressive activities on their campus and ensures that students will be informed of their official policy on free expression. The bill also guarantees that the common outdoor areas of the institution's campus are deemed traditional public forums and permits any person lawfully present to engage in expressive activities in those areas freely.

“Throughout the country, college campuses are threatening expressive activities and inhibiting students when they are exercising their First Amendment rights. By passing House Bill 2100, the Texas House has made it clear these infringements are unjust and will not be tolerated on our campuses,” explained Chairman Dustin Burrows.

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