Texas House Republicans Pass Bill Protecting Taxpayer Dollars from Funding Abortions

Today, the Texas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 22 sponsored by Representative Candy Noble, which forbids taxpayer dollars from funding abortions. This legislation will permanently close a loophole that would allow government entities to contract with an abortion provider. 

“Time and time again, Texas House Republicans have stood for the unborn and, with the passage of Senate Bill 22, we have once again defended the sanctity of life. We thank Representative Noble for championing this bill barring state and local government tax dollars from funding abortion providers or their affiliates,” stated Chairman Dustin Burrows. 

Senate Bill 22 prohibits government entities at the state and local level from entering into a taxpayer funded transaction or contract with abortion providers or affiliates of abortion providers. Taxpayer resource transactions required by federal law, confirmed by the Health and Human Services Commissioner and the Attorney General, are excluded from the prohibition. The Attorney General is authorized to bring action on behalf of the state in the event of a violation. 

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