(Austin) This weekend, Texas House Republicans overwhelmingly supported the House version of Senate Bill 8, the pro-life legislation that bans the inhumane procedure of partial-birth abortions, prohibits the sale of fetal tissues and organs, and provides for the disposition of fetal remains. On the House floor on Friday, Republicans were also able to enhance and strengthen the legislation by adding an amendment that bans the heinous act of dismemberment abortions. 

“This is one of the most comprehensive pieces of pro-life legislation in the country and builds upon previous pro-life victories. I was proud to carry this critical legislation in the House and I look forward to the Governor signing this bill into law,” said Representative Cindy Burkett, Vice-Chairwoman of the Texas House Republican Caucus.

While partial-birth abortions are banned by federal law, state prosecutors cannot enforce federal law; this new bill provides an enforcement mechanism for Texas to prosecute those who perform partial-birth abortions.

“The House version of Senate Bill 8 protects the lives of unborn babies across the state, and I applaud Representative Burkett and my Republican colleagues who supported this legislation. I was honored to support this wonderful pro-life legislation that extends our commitment to the sanctity of life and makes certain that the strongest protections for life are in place,” said Representative Tan Parker, Chairman of the Texas House Republican Caucus. 

The legislation will now return to the Senate, giving them the option to concur with the House version. If they do concur, Senate Bill 8 will head to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law. 

The Texas House Republican Caucus is comprised of all Republican Members serving in the Texas House of Representatives.  The purpose of the Caucus is to provide research, education, policy development and other support to the Caucus Members and their staff. The Texas House Republican Caucus works to promote limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal liberty to continue cultivating economic growth for all Texans.