Jordan Wat manages the operations and staff of the Texas House Republican Caucus in its effort to support the Republican members of the Texas House. Over the years, Jordan has served the House in various capacities, including Capitol Director, Committee Clerk, and Legislative Assistant. Prior to working in the Texas House, Jordan organized the operations of statewide and congressional campaigns and aided accomplished lobbyists in Texas. Jordan resides in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, Nicholas, and their son, Henry.

Jordan Wat


Jordan Overturf


Jordan "J2" Overturf oversees the communications strategy and member services for the Caucus. J2 has an extensive background in communications as a former award-winning journalist turned successful politico, working on key races in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Inside the Capitol, J2 has previously served as chief of staff and legislative director in the Texas House.  In addition to his communications skills, J2 also is a prolific photographer, graphic designer, and digital content specialist.

Chris Barnett


Chris is a graduate of the University of Texas and the University of Virginia. He most recently studied broadband reallocation, national security, and economic development policy. He is joining us from his other home in northern Virginia, where he just finished a position with the Virginia Department of Health aimed at supporting businesses impacted by the global pandemic.