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The Executive Director manages the operations and staff of the Texas House Republican Caucus in its effort to support the Republican members of the Texas House. Over the years, Jordan has served the House in various capacities, including Capitol Director, Committee Clerk, and Legislative Assistant. Prior to working in the Texas House, Jordan organized the operations of statewide and congressional campaigns and aided accomplished lobbyists in Texas. 

Jordan Wat


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Carl (Lito) Flanagan


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The Digital Communications Director is tasked with developing and implementing a digital strategy that provides members with greater access to creative resources that will ensure they are speaking to their constituents through online platforms. Flanagan is a 6th generation Texan hailing from San Antonio. He first attended Stevenson University before transferring and graduating from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors in Public Relations and Mass Communications. In his most recent role, Flanagan worked as a digital strategist for several national and state candidates.

Carl (Lito) Flanagan


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The Policy Director supports the Policy Committee of the Caucus with legislative research and policy development. Greene will also assist with the organization of the Caucus floor leadership team and aid them in circulating real-time information to the membership during critical floor debates. Originally from Indiana, Greene attended and graduated from Wabash College (BA), Troy University (MS), and St. John’s College (MA). While serving as a Chancellor’s Fellow at Troy University, he completed research on issues relating to treaty networks, interstate cooperation, and conflict. After completing the Great Books program at St. John’s College Annapolis, he worked with RedRock Strategies helping elect Republicans across the country.

Zachary Greene


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