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BLOG: Gov. Abbott’s State of the State, What It Means for Legislature

Governor Greg Abbott will deliver his State of the State address tonight from San Marcos, and he will have the ears of millions of Texans and eager lawmakers. The third-term governor is planning to outline his emergency business and vision for the 88th Legislative Session and beyond, undoubtedly highlighting conservative policies that he hopes to pass ahead of May 29th.

The State of the State mirrors the State of the Union… But why is this particular speech from our governor so important? Governor Abbott’s address serves as an earmarked checklist, allowing members to vote immediately on anything the governor deems an emergency item. Abbott’s emergency list takes priority over the more than 2,500 bills already filed, none of which lawmakers can pass, until the March 10 filing deadline passes.

The State of the State outlines this session's priorities… But how relevant was Governor Abbott’s priorities list last session? He emphasized bills that focused on election integrity, broadband expansion, bail reform, penalties for cities defunding the police, and COVID-19 liability protections – each of which passed the House and Senate, and are now current law. That is why the State of the State is important, because after tonight, we will better understand the legislative agenda for the 88th Session.

How can you watch the speech? The governor’s remarks will air at 7 p.m. across 16 Nexstar stations. Click here to find your local station and remember to tune in.


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