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The Texas Legislature Online (TLO) is a fantastic online resource to add to your bookmarks. This website allows you to track bills and set alerts for specific bills. You can also set alerts for committees and calendars which will help you keep track of everything happening around specific legislation. You can access TLO at Below are some helpful resources that can be found on the TLO website.


The Texas Legislative Council creates a list of important dates for each legislative session. These dates include the duration of each legislative session, deadlines for action on bills and amendments, and the last day of the regular session (sine die). A detailed list of these dates can be found here on the TLO website.


Have you ever wondered how you can find a list of filed bills? Follow the status of a bill? Contact your legislator? The Texas Legislature Online includes answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. You can find the answers to these questions and more about the Texas Legislature here on the TLO website.


The Texas Legislature is a distinct legislative body governed by the Texas Constitution. Unlike the United States Congress, the Texas Legislature meets for about five months every other year. The Texas Legislature Online includes resources to help you understand the nuances of the Texas Legislative Process. On the TLO homepage you can learn how a bill becomes law, how to follow a bill, and it even has a Texas Legislative Glossary.


There have been almost 2,000 House bills filed for the 88th Legislative Session. The Texas Legislature Online can help you research these bills throughout the legislative process. By using the Bill Lookup feature, you can find every action that has been taken on a bill. You can also see what stage of the process the bill is in. The text of the full bill and any amendments will also be available on TLO.


The Texas Legislature Online can help you keep track of everything going on inside the Capitol. After creating a free account, you can receive notifications about actions taken on certain bills that you are tracking. You can also receive alerts on selected calendars, committee hearing notices, committee minutes, or when the House adjourns. These alerts make sure you never miss a moment on any bills or committee meetings.


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