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BLOG: Same Building, New House

As we embark on a new session, we wanted to remind you of the Republican victories this offseason and what you missed since our last session.

Republicans owned the midterms in Texas, capturing key races, and helping strengthen the Republican Caucus. For nearly 30 years, Republicans have maintained the majority in the Texas House. Republicans outrank the Democrats 86 to 64, claiming a lead of +22 seats. This is an increase of one seat from the 87th Session - strengthening Republican seats in the House.

As we dive deeper into the numbers…

  • There are 17 new Republican members joining the Caucus.

  • We saw the largest regional growth for Republicans in South Texas, where we added 3 new members.

  • With this new class of members, we doubled the number of women serving as Republican Representatives.

The 88th Texas Legislative Session has Republicans positioned to achieve legislative success.

1 Comment

Jan 12, 2023

And still giving chairmanship to Democrats thus undermining the people if Texas who put you there! Voting for a speaker who is aligned with democrats is a slap in the face to ever Texan who worked for or voted for their representative. Everyone who voted for speaker Phelan needs to be primaried & thrown our of office!

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