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BLOG: Texas House Passes Bills on Election Integrity and Property Tax Relief

With a quorum well-established now, the Texas House spent 13.5 hours debating several critical policy issues set on Governor Abbott's special session agenda.

The Texas House has made it easier to vote and harder to cheat in Texas elections with the passage of Senate Bill 1. Also known as the Election Integrity Protection Act of 2021, Senate Bill 1, sponsored by Rep. Andrew Murr (R-Junction), provides practical reforms to restore public confidence in the election process. The bill ensures uniformity in the election process following the inconsistent voting protocols that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic and expands voting hours for the majority of Texas voters.

The House also approved a package of bills to deliver property tax relief. All sponsored by Rep. Morgan Meyer (R-Dallas), Senate Bill 8 provides homebuyers with a homestead exemption immediately following their purchase of a new home and Senate Bill 12 and Senate Joint Resolution 2 gives elderly or disabled homeowners more relief.


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