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RECAP: Texas House Republicans Are Delivering Resources to Secure the Border

Texas House Republicans are at the forefront of securing our nation’s southern border. Despite inaction from the federal government, Texas Republicans are taking every action possible to protect the 1,254 miles of border our state shares with Mexico. From stopping illegal immigrants on the ground to the proliferation of dangerous drugs, House Republicans are addressing the root of the cause this session.

The bills outlined below build on the success of last session’s Operation Lone Star, which has provided a foundation for ending the invasion of human smuggling, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration on our southern border.

House Bill 6 by Rep. Craig Goldman cracks down on those peddling fentanyl, imposing harsher penalties on manufacturers and distributors. One pill kills, and House Republicans are stopping the spread of this lethal drug at its root. Stopping the movement of harmful fentanyl across the border remains a strong priority for House Republicans.

Texas House Republicans are taking massive strides to secure the border through House Bill 7 by Rep. Guillen. This new approach to our state’s border security operation aims to restructure efforts in an organized and professional way. Securing our border once and for all requires imaginative ideas, and the bill will lead to the development of a strategic plan that includes a framework for homeland security operations to guide statewide border strategies. It increases funding for border research at higher education institutions, developing a workforce prepared to handle these issues, and the Border Protection Court Grant Program will ensure that those who commit a border-related offense are appropriately and efficiently prosecuted. In addition, qualifying property owners will now be compensated for damaged property as a result of illegal crossings.

House Bill 7 also creates the Border Protection Unit, a new division within the Texas Department of Public Safety with the power to enforce our immigration laws. The agency will have a local focus by being headquartered and staffed by Texans in the border region. The unit will deliver a mission-oriented response to our border crisis, and ensure funding for new barriers, surveillance technology, detention facilities, and law enforcement gets to where it is needed most.

House Bill 800, also authored by Rep. Ryan Guillen, targets harmful human trafficking and stash houses, increasing the mandatory minimum prison sentences for each offense.

House Bill 90 by Rep. Jared Patterson, the Bishop Evans Act, will provide a lump sum death benefit to survivors of a service member of the Texas military forces serving on active duty with Operation Lone Star. HB 90 makes sure that members of the Texas military are able to receive covered treatment for injuries they sustain including bodily injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Texas House Republicans are working to maintain border security and end the humanitarian crisis - ensuring the safety of Texans in the process.

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