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RECAP: Texas House Republicans Are Providing Protection to Texans Online

Big Tech has been unregulated for too long, collecting and profiting from the data of private citizens. Speaker Dade Phelan and fellow House Republicans are keeping Texans of all ages safe and protected online this session.

House Bill 4, the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act, introduced by Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, will ensure personal data does not get into the wrong hands and empower Texans to control their private information.

Texans will know when companies are collecting their data and be able to search and delete any personal data collected. Additionally, HB 4 requires companies provide an opt out option and only collect data relevant to the function of their business. Most importantly, parents will have the right to exercise these data protections on behalf of their children.

House Bill 18, the Securing Children Online Through Parental Empowerment (SCOPE) Act, by Rep. Shelby Slawson, equips parents with the tools necessary to protect their children online, helping them stand up to addictive algorithms and harmful content pushed by platforms.

With HB 18, online providers that target children will be duty-bound to prevent the dissemination of harmful content and parents will have access to content restrictions and monitoring capabilities. Parents will even be able to opt out of and adjust algorithms.

House Republicans know that Texans and their families are vulnerable online, that is why they are leading the charge to combat these deceitful practices instituted by big tech.

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