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RECAP: Texas House Republicans Are Reining In Rogue District Attorneys

Texas House Republicans Are Reining Rogue District Attorneys

The enforcement of our laws matters to Texans, but law and order has gone by the wayside for too many district attorneys in Texas. From refusing to prosecute theft and marijuana possession to ignoring pro-life laws, DAs in large Texas cities have failed to enforce our most fundamental laws in lieu of pushing their political agendas. These harmful policies created by local DA’s release criminals without punishment or repercussions. Because of this negative trend, Texas House Republicans stepped up during the 88th Legislative Session to put a stop to this dereliction of duty.

House Bill 17 by Rep. David Cook would ensure equal enforcement of the law across Texas by addressing misconduct by DA’s. HB 17 amends the definition of “official misconduct” to include the creation of policies limiting the enforcement of criminal offenses.

Texas currently lacks a clear removal process, and HB 17 establishes a petition process for expelling rogue prosecutors. The bill also allows the admission of public statements relating to prosecutors’ refusal to pursue certain crimes as evidence in official misconduct trials.

Laws must be equally enforced across Texas, no matter the DA in charge, and House Republicans are leading the way to crack down on bad actors.

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