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BLOG: What to Expect After March 10th

Representatives have filed bill after bill since the start of session, but a constitutional provision prevents them from voting on any legislation until after the first 60 days of the session. Ahead of the March 10th deadline, Representatives raced to file bills, but with the filing deadline finally behind us, you might be wondering, what happens between now and the end of session in May?

Committees will continue meeting regularly, hearing testimony from constituents and interested parties about filed bills. The biggest change to daily business here at the Capitol is that bills recommended favorably by committees can now come to the floor and members can vote to pass them into law. Check out the House calendar to see when specific bills will make it to the floor, and our recent blog about how to track a bill for more details on how to follow a bill throughout the process.

How can constituents voice their opinions about upcoming bills?

Here’s how to testify before committees.

Wondering where a certain bill is right now?

Check out the Texas Legislature Online’s bill search tool, where the public can see how a bill is moving through committees and both chambers.

When are the deadlines for bill consideration?

May 11th marks the deadline for the House to consider House bills and resolutions.

The House can consider Senate bills and resolutions until May 23rd.

The session will officially end on May 29th, known as sine die.

Legislation can remain in limbo until June 18th, which is Governor Abbott’s deadline to sign bills into law, allow bills to go into effect without his signature, or employ his veto power.

From the filing deadline to floor debates, check back at for updates as business heats up in the Texas House of Representatives over the next few months.

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