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BLOG: What to Expect in the First 60 Days of Session

Ever wonder why it seems like there is very little activity happening on the House floor and what the #txlege is up to in the first sixty days of session? The Texas Constitution limits the Texas Legislature to conduct certain business during the first sixty days, but members stay busy behind the scenes.

The first thirty days of each legislative session are devoted to the introduction of bills and resolutions. Legislators may also act upon emergency appropriations and any emergency matters submitted by the Governor to the Legislature. During the succeeding thirty days, the various committees of the Texas House will hold hearings to consider all bills and resolutions and other matters. Once the first sixty days elapse on Friday, March 10th legislators are able to act upon bills and resolutions through debates, votes, and sending legislation to the Governor’s desk.

Currently, representatives are filing legislation, developing policy, meeting with constituents, and more. Members have been filing and researching bills since November, and the Texas House already has more than 1,800 bills filed. Soon, members will be assigned to their committees and will begin meeting and discussing legislation.

As the 88th Session of the Texas Legislature continues through the first sixty days there will be very little activity happening on the House floor as members continue working behind the scenes. Legislators will be busy working on legislation from now until Monday, May 29th when the 88th Legislative Session adjourns.


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