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NEWS: THRC Holds Member Briefing on Election Integrity

AUSTIN – On day five of the Texas House Democrats breaking quorum, the Texas House Republican Caucus (THRC) today held a briefing with legislators on House Bill 3, the chamber’s election integrity legislation, which will make it easier to vote and harder to cheat in the State of Texas. Representative Andy Murr (R-Junction) led the briefing, which discussed how House Bill 3 will expand early voting hours for the vast majority of Texas voters and ensure uniformity in the election process following the inconsistent voting protocols that occurred during COVID-19. Among other things, House Bill 3, which includes several Democrat amendments that were added this special session, will:

  • Correct the inconsistent voting rules that fall outside the bounds of the election code;

  • Expand early voting hours in select Texas counties by standardizing early voting hours (generally at least 9 hours on weekdays in a window from 6am-10pm; in large counties, at least 12 hours on the final Saturday in a window from 6am-10pm and at least 6 hours on the final Sunday in a window from 9am-10pm);

    • Lower the population bracket for larger counties from 100,000 to 55,000.

  • Ensure a voter who has not voted before a polling place closes is able to vote after that time if the voter is in line by closing time;

  • Allow for the uniform and consistent application of Election Code and conduct of elections to reduce the likelihood of fraud;

  • Protect the secrecy of the ballot and promote voter access; and

  • Maintain curbside voting for eligible voters.

Unfortunately, Texas Democrats have proven their unwillingness to participate in the democratic process and have their voices heard. The THRC remains hopeful that they will return to Texas to do their job of representing their constituents and making their voices heard in the legislative debate.

“House Bill 3 will make it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” said THRC Chairman Jim Murphy (R-Houston). “The reality is that this legislation will expand voting hours where the vast majority of Texas voters are located and ensure uniformity in our elections, while at the same time making it harder to ballot harvest and cheat. As Texas Democrats continue to vacation in Washington D.C., the House Republican Caucus will be working every day on the issues that matter most to Texans, including election integrity, which will ensure that every eligible voter is able to freely cast their ballot.”


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