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  • Texas House Republican Caucus

THRC Calls on Democrats to Return to Texas to Enact Bail Reform

AUSTIN – The Texas House Republican Caucus (THRC) today called on Texas Democrats to put an end to their vacation in Washington and return to Austin to enact bail reform. This call follows a meeting between Republican House Members and law enforcement organizations across Texas. In the meeting, members of the Texas Municipal Police Association, Dallas Police Association, Houston Police Officers Union, and the Austin Police Association discussed specific instances where members of law enforcement were injured or killed by criminals out on bail and the need to reform the system.

The testimonials by police association members highlighted the mismanagement of the bond setting system, the reoccurring nature of criminals committing the same violent acts, and the impact it has had on victims who do not believe the system will protect them from the criminals targeting them. Violent crime has spiked dramatically statewide – with a roughly 40% increase in the murder rate in 2020. Aggravated assault, kidnappings, and domestic violence are on the rise in Texas as well.

“Our communities and law enforcement officers can no longer wait,” said THRC Chairman Jim Murphy (R-Houston). “They cannot wait for Texas Democrats to decide whether or not they will continue vacationing in DC. They cannot wait for the Democrats to decide whether they are going to end the political theatrics. They cannot wait for the Democrats to decide whether they are going to fulfill their constitutional obligation. Our law enforcement officials and everyone in Texas needs bail reform now. The current system has let too many violent criminals out of jail, only to continue committing violent acts. It's time for the Democrats to come back to Texas and do their job.”


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