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  • Texas House Republican Caucus

BLOG: House Democrats Walk Out on Texans (Again!)

The Texas House immediately got to work on Thursday after convening the Special Session called by Governor Greg Abbott. Our members had a busy weekend of passing bills out of House committees so they could make their way to the House floor for consideration by the full House.

Unfortunately, this incredible work has stopped due to House Democrats fleeing the state on several private planes to Washington D.C. and breaking the quorum that allows us to do business in the Texas House. That's right — While it is our duty as legislators to show up, House Democrats walked off the job at hand and abandoned their obligations to represent you. Democrats also walked out on:

  • Retired teachers who will benefit greatly from a 13th check

  • Foster kids who desperately need better protections and attention paid to the system that is failing them

  • Senior citizens who are desperate for continued relief from rising property taxes

  • Young Texas women who want the chance to compete on an even-playing field

  • Scared families who are continuously let down by a bail system that creates revolving doors for violent criminal

  • All of Texas, which wants to see a Texas Solution to the border crisis put into action instead of allowing drug smugglers and human traffickers to run rampant

Their actions show a clear lack of respect for the job their constituents elected them to do and we denounce their decision to flee the state to avoid taking votes on critical legislation that Texans desperately need and care about.

Yesterday, the Texas House passed a “call of the House” to secure the return of absent members until we have a quorum. The call will remain in effect until all action on the Governor’s proclamation calling us into special session is complete.

The legislative business at hand — helping our teachers, foster children, taxpayers, our border communities, and all Texans — is of the utmost importance to us. And Texas Republicans will be HERE, confined in the House chamber – doing the job that Texans elected us to do until the job is done.


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