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RECAP: Texas House Republicans Are Committed To School Safety

Texas House Republicans are leading the charge on school safety as they continue passing legislation to protect students and teachers in the classroom. In the 88th Legislative Session, our lawmakers have worked to heighten safety standards, ensure schools develope plans for emergencies, and fund mental health programs.

Below is a quick recap of the big victories on school safety reform passed by House Republicans this session.

House Bill 3, introduced by Rep. Dustin Burrows, will make Texas schools safer. The bill requires the presence of an armed security guard on all campuses during school hours and increases coordination with state agencies to develop emergency plans. Through this bill, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) gains oversight of school safety plans and keeps safety provisions confidential. This will make sure that each school district complies with school safety and security requirements.

House Bill 13, drafted by Rep. Ken King, supports schools through a School Guardian Program, consisting of mental health training programs designed to assist staff in identifying at-risk students and providing trauma-informed care. It also establishes the School Safety Infrastructure Grant Program to enhance the school safety infrastructure of Texas schools. In addition, the State School Safety Fund will provide grants to school districts to enhance school safety. Texas schools lack clear lines of communication for students to report concerning behavior exhibited by another student who they believe pose a risk without fear. HB 13 requires each school district to establish a clear procedure for a student to report concerning behavior.

Senate Bill 838 requires each classroom in Texas to have silent panic alert technology that allows teachers and school employees to immediately contact district or school emergency personnel and emergency services agencies. This will make sure that law enforcement agencies, health departments, and fire departments can respond quickly when needed.

All Texas students and teachers deserve a safe classroom environment, and House Republicans continue proving their steadfast commitment to school safety.

For details on more Texas House Republican Caucus victories from the 88th Legislative Session, check out our other recent blog posts.


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