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RECAP: Texas House Republicans Are Focused on Infrastructure Improvements

Every Texan deserves reliable state infrastructure that meets their needs and is prepared for the future. Texas House Republicans ensured this session that these everyday necessities will remain available to all for decades to come.

As Texan’s digital use rapidly surges, it’s time for a modern approach and increased funding towards broadband infrastructure. Texans in both rural and urban areas deserve a level digital playing field. House Bill 9, introduced by Rep. Trent Ashby, fortifies previously successful connectivity efforts by creating the Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund, which paves the way for immediate community efforts to expand online access. Totaling $5 billion, the fund will rapidly deploy $2 billion for use over the next two years to repair and construct broadband across the state. The Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund also improves emergency services, telecommunications, and school connectivity.

From Austin to Abilene and everywhere in between, all zip codes deserve reliable and speedy broadband access. House Republicans are committed to supplying the state with fast and reliable broadband, lifting our state’s technological capacity into the future.

Members also passed legislation securing water accessibility for the next half-century. Senate Bill 28 establishes the Texas Water Fund and the New Water for Texas Fund to finance water and wastewater infrastructure projects. These projects will prioritize projects in rural areas, for conservation strategies, and where permitting has been substantially completed to make the fund as efficient and fiscally responsible as possible. This legislation will also fund the statewide water public awareness program to help protect Texas’ water resources for generations to come.

Access to reliable infrastructure are some of our most basic yet crucial needs, and House Republicans are ensuring that these elements remain accessible for generations to come.

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