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RECAP: Texas House Republicans Are Developing a Strong Business Friendly Environment

Currently, cities across Texas have different ordinances and regulations, which makes it difficult for businesses to work across the state. Legislation passed by the Texas House this session will make it easier for Texans and businesses to live and work throughout the state.

Out of control cities and municipalities continue to enact ordinances beyond what they are authorized to regulate and create a patchwork of ordinances that plague our state. The Texas Regulatory Consistency Act, House Bill 2127 by Rep. Dustin Burrows, provides the regulatory stability and certainty businesses need to expand to other cities within Texas. This bill will preempt ordinances inconsistent with state law. By providing consistency across the state, HB 2127 will lead to new jobs and prosperity for Texas.

Backlogged building permit processes have caused construction delays and project costs to skyrocket across Texas. House Republicans are taking action to prevent construction delays due to inaction from local governments. House Bill 14 by Rep. Cody Harris, will allow third parties to sign off on building permits if a city doesn't respond within 15 days of state-set deadlines. This will make it easier to build in Texas and prevent ballooning project costs resulting from permitting delays.

Cases involving transactions larger than $10 million dollars place a significant burden on the entire judicial system. This often results in long and costly litigation proceedings. House Republicans are delivering an innovative solution to improve the Texas judicial system. House Bill 19 by Rep. Andrew Murr creates the Texas Business Court, tasked with hearing complex business litigation cases. Taking these complex cases off district court dockets will improve the efficiency and consistency of the entire system.

Similarly, municipalities continue to enact climate charters that create uncertainty for businesses operating in multiple Texas municipalities. Senate Bill 1860, sponsored by Rep. Tom Craddick requires approval from the legislature before holding an election for a proposed climate charter. This safeguard will prevent climate charters inconsistent with state law from being considered in municipal elections.

Texas continues to attract new businesses and is a leading force in innovation. This session, House Republicans worked hard to make sure Texas remains the best place to do business.

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