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RELEASE: THRC Selects Rep. Dade Phelan as Their Endorsed Speaker Candidate for the 88th Session

Republican Members of the Texas House Unified Behind Dade Phelan

to Serve as Speaker of the House

(Austin, Texas) -- Today, the members of the Texas House Republican Caucus met for the Caucus’ Selection of its Endorsed Speaker Candidate for the upcoming 88th Legislative Session. The Texas House Republican Caucus has selected State Representative Dade Phelan as its Endorsed Speaker Candidate by a count of 78-6.

In announcing the endorsement of the Texas House Republican Caucus, Chairman Tom Oliverson stated, “With today’s selection process complete, members of the Texas House Republican Caucus are unified in our choice of Representative Dade Phelan as the highest officer in the House Chamber. Under Speaker Phelan’s leadership in the 87th Session, the Texas House accomplished one of the most conservative sessions in our legislature’s history and we are confident this momentum will continue in the next session.”

“I am deeply grateful to my Republican colleagues for selecting me to serve as their Texas House speaker nominee for a second term. The 88th Texas Legislature will include important debates on issues ranging from property taxes to foster care, and I’m confident that our chamber and our caucus will lead the charge on policy proposals that better the lives of all Texans. Every member will play a role in our legislative process, and I look forward to earning the votes of all of my colleagues when the Legislature convenes on Jan. 10,” said Speaker Dade Phelan.

The Texas House Republican Caucus is comprised of all Republican Members serving in the Texas House of Representatives. The purpose of the Caucus is to provide research, education, policy development and other support to the Caucus Members and their staff.

The Texas House Republican Caucus works to promote limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal liberty to continue cultivating economic growth for all Texans.



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